MicrosoftNet 150x150

Microsoft with its windows framework and ASP.Net development framework has covered a wide range of desktop, mobile and web applications to provide an end to end platform for all segments of users. Windows OS today extends itself to various devices to emerge as a unified operating system. Asp.Net is a web development platform used for creating enterprise wide application like portal, custom application, and host of other services including web services in service oriented architectures.

ASP.NET provides an evolved development platform on Windows based servers and connectivity to other Microsoft products. Features of ASP.Net like Ajax, WCF web services, rich XML framework classes, etc make ASP.Net a strong backend platform for creating stable high performance applications using SharePoint 2010 and SQL2012.

 NeoQuant has developed several enterprise applications for online as well as offline services in BFSI sector that seamlessly integrate with the existing applications and services with the organization.


Key Words: MS SQL 2012, Asp.Net, Dot.Net, C#, VB.Net, SharePoint, SQL Server, Silver Light, WPF, WCF, Office, Windows


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